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Ball lock-os töltőfej PET palackhoz (1213)

2.680 Ft.


Ballock-os töltőfej pet palackok töltéséhez



Material:Stainless Steel
Apply:PET bottles of Coca-Cola and Sprite, brewed beer

Achieve carbonation function on the market very common Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola plastic bottles can be installed,easy to carry.
If you feel that the imported wine, the taste is not enough to kill, we need to head with the intake of wine, the carbon dioxide introduced into the bottle, and placed in the freezer for about 4 degrees, to maintain more than one day, then back with a lid or other wine head when the lid directly carry, but also more convenient.

Package Included
1x Stainless steel carbide



  • Súly: 0.2kg
  • Gyártó: Nincs gyártó

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